Our solution is a search engine that indexes your catalog of videos and generates “timeline” metadata for every moment of a video. We use multiple AI techniques including Natural Language Processing on speech-to-text transcripts or closed captions, OCR, face recognition, object recognition and automatic scene detection. Once the search index has been created for your catalog, you can search a single word, a personality or a specific topic and the search engine will find all the videos and the corresponding segments for each video. We provide this solution as an API that can be integrated with front end apps or MAM/DAM.

For whom ?

Broadcasters, TV operators

  • - Search inside TV programs and shows and go straight to the right sequence
    - Create personalized playlists of selected clips based on user interests
    - Share selected clips on social networks
  • → Less “No results found”
    → Increase video views

Corporations, organizations, education

  • - Search inside interviews, speeches, customer testimonials, courses etc.
    - Filter by domain and sentiment 
    - Add powerful search capabilities to your MAM/DAM
  • → Unleash the full potential of your video library
    → Reduce time spend to search

Media monitoring specialists